"The face of a changing cinema"

Interview with Break magazine

"Aline has a wide array of talents. She's an actress, a performer, an artist with passion. She is fierce in all her roles and determined to achieve results. She’s a masterpiece."

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"One of the most fascinating and unique contemporary artists"


"Actress, singer-songwriter and martial artist working in Hollywood"

Interview with Indie Activity

"In the Golden Age of Broadway they called singing, dancing and acting a triple threat; but it goes much further with Demoiselle Mayne who seems to know no limits. I have been honored to work with her quick intuition, aesthetic perfectionism and "show business" attitude. This is the essence of artistry - clever and empathic narratives that break through the gridlocks of words, sophistry and emotional baggage to bring people together. Aline achieves this in disciplines of acting in film and on stage, singing across genres, ballet, playing piano, guitar and bass, and writing earworms and anthems with lessons from the heart, a multi-faceted chorus of muses extolling the forces of sweetness and light through performing arts."

Lawrence de Martin, Chief Science Officier, Spectrum NYC.

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Aline studied drama at the Royal Athenée of Rixensart, Belgium, where she performed in plays such as “Spring Awakening” by Frank Wedekind,  “The Marriage of Figaro” by Beaumarchais and “Wounds to the face” by Howard Barker. She also studied classical music at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Belgium) and performed in operas and musicals. 

After moving to New York, Aline started working for films and TV, in shows such as The Blacklist, Blue Bloods, GothamFear the walking dead and Blindspot, amongst others. Her physical abilities and somewhat of daredevil attitude led her to work as a stunt performer and double actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Bridget Moynahan, Mozhan Marno, Christine Baranski, Jenna Elfman, Christine Lahti and others.

Aline is also a singer-songwriter and has worked as a runway and editorial model.  She worked as a dancer, and studied various genres, including ballet, contemporary, jazz, vogue, tango and salsa. She competed in volleyball in Belgium, trained at rock and ice climbing and climbed mountains in the French and Italian Alps and the USA. She also trained at taekwondo, track and fields, swimming, handball and badminton. She attended the Fine Arts school of Wavre (Belgium) and has done some photography work. She studied physics for one semester at the University of Namur, in Belgium, and was a girl scout for 10 years. 


Height: 5'10

Measurements: 35-28-38

Shoe size: 11 (women heels/street shoes), 10 (men sneaker/boots)

Dress size: 4 (6 if needing stunt pads under the clothes)

Shirt size: small

Natural hair: brown.

Eyes: brown