Aline Mayne was born in Brussels, Belgium and studied Drama at the Athenée Royal of Rixensart, Belgium, where she performed in plays such as “Spring awakening”,  “Les noces de Figaro” and “Wound to the face”. She studied Fine Arts at the Fine Art school of Wavre, Belgium. 


In Belgium, he also worked with several rock bands as a songwriter,composer  vocalist, guitar and keyboard player. With her last band, she recorded the EP “Utopia”. 


She also studied classical music, first  in various vocational school in Belgium, tasing classes of classical guitar, church organ, piano, cello, harmony, composition, solfège. She then was admitted at the Royal Conservatoy of Mons in the music composition major. There she also studied music history, music analysis, electroacoustic music, orchestration, importation, practical harmony, piano sigh reading, 16th century conterpoint. There, she also played piano in the Conservatory’s orchestra, as well as sang in their chorus, which led her to start studying classical singing and opera, mostly with soprano Laure Delcampe. After moving to New York, she studied with various voice teachers, including Valentin Peytchinov, and started singing in New York opera companies, first in the choir and she then started getting solo roles. She angs The Queen of the Night in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, Olympia in The Tales of Hoffmann by Offenbach, the Dew Fairy and Sandman in Hansel und Gretel, and others. She also sang the title role  in the world premiere of a opera called “Grindr, the opera”. She performed at various venues, inclugin Carnegie Hall, Symplnic Space and Opera America in Newyork. 


In New Yor, Aline started auditioning for film and TV work, and laneded some acting roles. Her physical abilities and somewhat of dare deal attitude made her getting stunt work as well. She worked as stunt double or action characters in TV shows suwh as The Balcklist, Blue Bloods, Gotham, The Punisher, Fear the walking dead, Blindpost… She doubled actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Bridget Moybanan, Mozhan Marno, Jenna Elfman, Christine Lhtai, Christine Baraski and others.


As a solo artist, Aline as written and released several EP’s and singles, such as “Superfreak”, Princess Boy” and “Nothing to lose”. Superfreak was produced by Scott Jacoby (…), with a cinematic remix by British producer Philip Hudson. “ uperfreak” music video receive the award of Best Music video at a (German festival). Princess Boy by Brian Deneeve (..), with remixes by Amanda Lepore, Jodie Harsh and Honey Dijon. The Nothing to lose EP contains 5 songs: “Break your heart” and Suicide Love” was produced by Lee Groves (..), “Nothing To Lose” and “spoil Me” by Tomek Miernowsky, and “Bubble Gum dream” by NY producer D-Sharp. She then the singles released “Beat of Life”, produced by Brian DeNeve, and the ballad “Ride or Die”. She will soon released a new EDM song called “We are young”. Aline's infuences go from Classical music to rock, as well as pop and electronic music.


Additonally, Aline has worked as a runway and editorial model, as well as has done some photgramy work. As a dancer, she started studying tango in Belgium, jazz in Paris, and ballet, contemporary, vogue and salsa in New York. She played in the volleyball team in her hometown  as well as trained and did some competition in rock climbing, mountaineering and ice climbing, TaeKwon Do, Track and Fields, Swimming, Handball, Badminton. She studied physics, for one semester, at the University of Namur, in Belgium. Aline was also a Girl Scout growing up.