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"Aline is a mega-talent, fluent in many genres. Highly intelligent, creative, always thinking outside the box!"

Cynthia Powell, Artistic director, Melodia Women's Choir

"In the Golden Age of Broadway they called singing, dancing and acting a triple threat; but it goes much further with Demoiselle Mayne who seems to know no limits. Aline has sung for several opera companies, and did a series of solo shows in New York City covering Bel Canto and Bizet to Bernstein with great elan."

Lawrence de Martin, Chief Science Officier, Spectrum NYC

"Classically trained as singer and actress, Aline is one of the most fascinating and unique contemporary artists. Her life is like an open adventure book, where everything is possible."

Full interview:

Recordings, resume/CV, bio and repertoire available upon request.

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