"Superfreak" is an inspirational song and music video about self-acceptance. Putting the word "freak" back to its initial meaning: unusual, unexpected, abnormal, atypical, exceptional. By saying "I'm a Superfreak", we're not only acknowledging and accepting our differences, but we also make them our Superpowers!

Superfreak is a soothing ballad ending with a full sing-along chorus inspired by "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. The instrumentation includes a Wurlitzer, acoustic guitar, electric bass, Mellotron and electronic sounds. It was produced by Grammy Awards winning producer Scott Jacoby, who worked with John Legend, Vanessa Hudgens, Chimène Badi, Ronnie Spector, Coldplay, Janelle Monae, Kelly Clarkson, Vampire Weekend, Stormzy, Jason Mraz, SZA... Scott said that "Aline is a fearless, real artist who has just the right amount of pop".

The music video includes people of various shapes, sizes and appearances:  Terra Jolé, Peggy ChenowethJohnny NobodyLady Clover HoneyMem Nahadr, Sebastian SaracenoJanie MartinezBrixey, and others. Watch the interviews of the cast and director: https://youtu.be/OuSmbG9RxVk


"The diversity in Aline's 'Superfreak' video is going to empower so many! I liked the way the music takes you on a build-up and hits the greatest notes ever! I liked the voice of the artist and the background harmonies were fabulous! The drums, guitar, and keyboard were crisp and perfectly placed in the track. We need to see more of this."


"In Aline's world, expressing yourself in ANY sense, looking or behaving different than the norm, and living in a loving and accepting way, is what it means to be a Superfreak".


"“SuperFreak” demands that you live out loud. Don’t hide who you are. Embrace your identity."


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