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"Actress, singer-songwriter and martial artist working in Hollywood"

Interview with Indie Activity

"In Aline's catalogue you can find both intimate ballads and groovy club electro pop. Aline bold experiments with sound and image seem to have no boundaries..."

"Classically trained as singer and actress, Aline is probably one of the most fascinating and unique contemporary artists. Her life is like an open adventure book, where everything is possible."

"Aline Mayne brings her revelry of odd angles and interesting subsets, down right Main Street of dreams, the way it should be. From her mini-album ‘Nothing to Lose’, the ultra catchy synchronicity of ‘Bubble Gum Dream’ whets your appetite and then some. Her imagination for notions of the past, present and future, dilute-none, as her inflections of substance and heroic resolution, really bring out highlights for entertainment and energy. ‘Bubble Gum Dream’ is tact, with absolute fun."

"Aline brings to Electronica Pop music what Serena Williams brings to tennis - a strong, empowered, and fierce attack with a sultry femininity that leaves us wondering what just hit us."

BeBe Sweetbriar, Edge Media Network, Columnist

"Equally proficient in piano and opera as she is in electro-pop, Aline’s approach to music is unique, to say the least..."

"Aline is a fearless, real artist, who has just the right amount of pop"

Scott Jacoby, Grammy Awards winning producer

"Aline is a mega-talent, fluent in many genres. Highly intelligent, creative, always thinking outside the box!"

Cynthia Powell, Artistic director, Melodia Women's Choir

"Aline is an unique combination of innocence and bravado as she creates both infectious pop / dance tracks."

John Loeffler - Composer/Producer, BMG/Rave Music/Fieldhouse

"Highly motivated visionary."

Lynn Verlayne, Songwriter/Producer

"The face of a changing cinema"

Interview with Break magazine

"In addition to her great talent, her passion and pursuit for excellence both vocally and musically is sure to get her to the top of her game."

Jimmy Greco, Grammy nominated music producer

"Aline's music is something visionary and sexy, a feminine power that Pop Dance Music rarely has."

RevGay magazine

East Portland Blog article

"In the Golden Age of Broadway they called singing, dancing and acting a triple threat; but it goes much further with Demoiselle Mayne who seems to know no limits. I have been honored to work with her quick intuition, aesthetic perfectionism and "show business" attitude. She introduced herself leading a three piece combo from the piano in a set of catchy pop songs she wrote and arranged. She created a series of compelling EDM videos featuring Aline's writing, singing and dancing - as well as social advocacy. The next project was Opera! Aline has sung for several New York companies, and did a series of solo shows covering Bel Canto and Bizet to Bernstein with great elan - her "Glitter and be Gay" rivals Kristin Chenoweth, with the satiric tragicomedy underpinned by the pathos of Voltaire's humanism. This is the essence of artistry - clever and empathic narratives that break through the gridlocks of words, sophistry and emotional baggage to bring people together. Aline achieves this in disciplines of acting in film and on stage, singing across genres, ballet, playing piano, guitar and bass, and writing earworms and anthems with lessons from the heart, a multi-faceted chorus of muses extolling the forces of sweetness and light through performing arts."

Lawrence de Martin, Chief Science Officier, Spectrum NYC.

"In Aline's world, expressing yourself in ANY sense, looking or behaving different than the norm, and living in a loving and accepting way, is what it means to be a SuperFreak."

"Aline's song “SuperFreak” demands that you live out loud. Don’t hide who you are. Embrace your identity."

"Fun, energetic and featuring a loud-and-proud message of self love, the song 'Princess Boy' is just what we needed."

"Aline’s vocals are attractive and her musical style can’t be beaten at all."

"Actors and their stunt doubles":

Interview with Sunny side of the street

Interview with Exito Style, in Italian

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