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"Actress, singer-songwriter and martial artist working in Hollywood"

Interview with Indie Activity

"In Aline's catalogue you can find both intimate ballads and groovy club electro pop. Aline bold experiments with sound and image seem to have no boundaries..."

"Aline Mayne brings her revelry of odd angles and interesting subsets, down right Main Street of dreams, the way it should be. From her mini-album ‘Nothing to Lose’, the ultra catchy synchronicity of ‘Bubble Gum Dream’ whets your appetite and then some. Her imagination for notions of the past, present and future, dilute-none, as her inflections of substance and heroic resolution, really bring out highlights for entertainment and energy. ‘Bubble Gum Dream’ is tact, with absolute fun."

"The diversity in Aline's 'Superfreak' video is going to empower so many! I liked the way the music takes you on a build-up and hits the greatest notes ever! I liked the voice of the artist and the background harmonies were fabulous! The drums, guitar, and keyboard were crisp and perfectly placed in the track. We need to see more of this."

"'Suicide Love' is high energy and filled with a whole lot of captivating suggestions. You have to be brave to deal with this one. It’s lots of fun to listen to."

"Fun, energetic and featuring a loud-and-proud message of self love, the song 'Princess Boy' is just what we needed."

"The song 'In Your Memories' has peaks, valleys, and the technical control makes it obvious that these musicians have labored over learning to play their instruments."

"'Ride or Die' vocals are beautiful and the lyrics are great too. The keyboard has a sweet sound of violins adding to this already beautiful song. It’s good for chilling."

"Aline Mayne one of the most fascinating and unique contemporary artists"

"Aline’s vocals are attractive and her musical style can’t be beaten at all."

"The face of a changing cinema"

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