Opera sponsor:

I'm currently pursuing a professional opera career, which is very expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated, to cover weekly/daily voice lessons and coaching lessons (with a pianist, as well as for Italian, German and Russian), making professional recordings and audition videos (hire a pianist and book the space to record), for training and summer programs to learn new roles to add to my resume, for flights and hotels for auditions out of town... And to also cover my basic expense (rent, bills, groceries), so I can focus on opera training without worry about my next paycheck. I'll also post here specific fundraising campaigns as needed.

I'll send my resume/CV upon request.

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Acting sponsor:

I also want to transition from being a stuntwoman to being a principal actress for Film, TV and commercials, and find a theatrical and a commercial agent. For this, I would like to take at least one acting class a week with casting directors and agents in the following schools. Classes start at 30$, but can be over 1000$ for multiple days sessions: